What should I do if the angle valve of the bathroom is damaged

How to replace the angle valve?

Tighten the main water valve to remove surface stains;

Unscrew the old angle valve and set it aside;

Choose the same kind of horn valve and angle valve thread opening tape;

Screw the angle valve into the wall and tighten it as much as possible;

Connect a pipe to the other end of the angle valve, and finally check for leaks.


Whether the angle valve can work normally directly affects whether the water can be used normally in the later stage. Therefore, attention must be paid to the maintenance of the angle valve. If the angle valve is damaged, it should be replaced or repaired in time. So how to replace the angle valve, and what is the daily maintenance of the angle valve, do you know? Let's see it together!

What is the daily maintenance of the angle valve?

When there are many stains on the angle valve, it needs to be washed with clean water immediately to keep the angle valve clean. Under normal circumstances, the stains on the angle valve are easier to clean, but if there are inadvertent stains that are difficult to clean, you need to use a detergent appropriately, but after brushing, rinse it off with clean water.

For stubborn substances, simple cleaning is no longer effective, and mild detergents are needed at this time. However, when doing cleaning work, do not use brute force. If you can't brush it off with one brush, you can wipe it several times to control the strength to avoid damage to the angle valve.

The angle valves currently used include iron angle valves, copper angle valves, alloy angle valves, plastic angle valves and other materials, but no matter which material is used, contact with strong acid substances should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it will cause chemical If the reaction time is a little longer, the angle valve will be damaged.

As for how to replace the angle valve and the daily maintenance of the angle valve, let me introduce it here first. Have you ever heard of it? Replacing the angle valve is not difficult, just pay attention to some details, so as to avoid the occurrence of water leakage in the later stage, Make sure your family life is normal.

Post time: Jan-22-2022