What is the function and classification of angle valve

Classification of angle valves, what are angle valves used for?

The angle valve usually plays an essential but often inconspicuous role in decoration, such as the heating and cooling control of toilets and water heaters. The angle valve is a pressure-bearing component and can be closed when necessary, which is conducive to debugging work.

What are the classifications of angle valves?

What is the angle valve used for?

Classification of angle valves


1. Civil

2. Industrial use

Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve, angle water valve. This is because the pipe is in a 90-degree corner shape at the angle valve, so it is called an angle valve, an angle valve, and an angle valve.

Materials are: alloy valve, copper angle valve, 304 stainless steel angle valve!

The valve body of the angle valve has three ports: the water inlet, the water volume control port, and the water outlet, so it is called a triangle valve.

Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving. Although there are still three ports, there are also angle valves that are not angular.

The angle valve that the industry refers to: the angle control valve is similar to the straight-through single-seat control valve except that the valve body is a right angle.

The angle valve has four main functions:

①Start to transfer the internal and external water outlets;

②The water pressure is too large, you can adjust it on the triangle valve, and close it a little;

③ The function of the switch, if the faucet leaks, etc., the triangle valve can be turned off, and it is not necessary to close the main valve in the home; it will not affect the water use in other parts of the home.

④ beautiful and generous. Therefore, general new house decoration are essential plumbing accessories, so designers will also mention it when decorating a new house.

The angle valve is the control valve with a single guide structure. It is characterized by low resistance and is suitable for high-viscosity, suspended solids, granular unclean medium fluids with high pressure difference and large pressure difference conditions. The adjustment of occasions.

The disadvantage is that the allowable pressure difference is small and the anti-blocking performance is general.

What is the angle valve used for and where should it be used?

Generally speaking, as long as there is water in, an angle valve is required in principle. The angle valve is equivalent to a joint with a switch, which is used to connect the water outlet and the water inlet pipe.

The toilet has only cold water, so I use one,

If the washbasin has hot and cold water, you need two.

The same is true for the sink. If there is hot and cold water, you should also install two.

If there is only cold water in the laundry cabinet, install one.

In short, where there are hot and cold water pipes, two should be installed, and only one angle valve should be installed where there is only cold water.

Because of its small size, the angle valve is generally installed on the wall pasted with tiles, and it can conveniently close the water in and out at any time. Remember, do not underestimate these accessories, the problem is often here.

If you choose some corner valve floor drains with poor quality, it will still bring unnecessary trouble to your comfortable home life.

Ordinary angle valves commonly used in the market can be divided into brass valves, alloy valves, 304 stainless steel angle valves, etc. according to their materials. Among them, the price of alloy valves is relatively low, and the service life is about 1-3 years, which is relatively brittle and easy to break. Until the pipeline can not be replaced, or the angle valve is broken due to rust and corrosion, resulting in water leakage, usually these problems, in most cases, need to break the tiles and replace the embedded pipe nut parts, which is very troublesome.

On the contrary, copper angle valve and stainless steel angle valve are much more durable than alloy valve. The service life is more than 3 years. They are harder and more durable than alloy valve.

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