Removal method and steps for cleaning nozzle blockage

If the shower faucet is used for a long time, there will be various blockages. For example, the accumulation of limescale, the blockage of sediment, the aging damage of the shower, etc., must be replaced, but there is no need to decide early. Remove the clogged shower faucet and wash the spray head.

1. Three ways to remove the shower faucet.

1. The first method is to first close the main valve of the house, then insert a screwdriver under the handle of the faucet, pry it open to the left and right, and pry it apart, slowly and evenly and steadily, and then remove the valve body.

2. The second method is to close the main water valve or close the angle valve of the shower faucet (if not, close the main water valve), then drain the water in the water pipe, then unscrew the blue cap on the right handle, use a cross The screw loosens the screw inside, removes the handle, and exposes the valve body, then unscrew the valve body with an adjustable wrench.

3. The third method is to close the main water valve. There is a red and blue mark of about 8mm on the handle of the faucet. Press the button, use a flat-blade screwdriver to loosen the fixing screw counterclockwise, remove the handle, and remove it with an adjustable wrench. For the valve body of the faucet, open the upper cover with a wrench and take out the ceramic valve body inside.

Second, the skills required to replace the faucet, the steps to remove the faucet.

1. Turn off the hot and cold water supply to the pond faucet, unscrew the nut with an adjustable wrench or pliers wrench, and remove the faucet from the water supply pipe below the pond.

2. If the old device has nozzles and hoses, remove the nozzles from the bottom of the pool to fix the nut. Also, disconnect the hose from the nozzle.

3. Remove the old faucet from the sink and clean the sink wall near the faucet installation area.


Third, how to clean the nozzle.

1. Clean the inside of the sprinkler head: remove the water pipe head connected to the sprinkler head, clean the sprinkler head with the water from the faucet in the opposite direction, fill it with water, block the water inlet, shake vigorously, and quickly discharge the sewage, repeated many times. The way is suitable for cleaning sprinklers of all sprinklers, cleaning the inside is very simple

2. Clean the shower nozzle: Use a needle to open the clogged water outlet holes one by one.
Generally, the nozzle of the shower faucet is blocked because the tap water contains a small amount of sediment. During the long-term use of the shower faucet, the sediment accumulates gradually, the outlet hole of the shower faucet is gradually blocked, and the interior of the shower also accumulates sand and gravel. Therefore, cleaning methods can also be formulated for these reasons.

Post time: Jan-11-2022