Manufacturers introduce this way to buy rain showers

It is really not easy for modern human beings. Facing all kinds of stress and anxiety, we often drag our tired work and feel that our body has only one soul left. At this point, a refreshing shower can help you find yourself. Therefore, whether a good shower effect can quickly improve happiness and relieve fatigue, then how to choose a good quality shower with high happiness?

Shower materials are well-dressed and made by people.

Moreover, if an individual has the habit of taking a bath, it depends on the connection and flexible use of various materials, and the true ability of a shower that sprays materials evenly.


There are generally three types of shower materials on the market: stainless steel, copper, and ABS engineering plastics. There is no need for absolutely good materials, and more according to your own needs to determine whether it is suitable. The advantage of stainless steel is that it is rich in external dimensions, can meet the usage habits and grip strength preferences of different people, and is not easy to rust, so it is easy to care for and clean; the disadvantage is that the surface texture of the material is relatively mediocre and relatively simple. The advantages of copper showerheads are that they have high appearance, no rust, good feel and texture, and good metallic luster; the disadvantage is that the price is generally high, and you need to choose according to your budget when decorating. Let’s take a look at the ABS engineering plastic shower head again. It is currently the most sold type on the market. It is cost-effective and has rich shapes and functions. The disadvantage is that it lacks durability and is easy to block for a long time. If you choose that kind of material to buy, then it will be different.

From the outside, the shower is really colorful, based on personal preference, it belongs to subjective aesthetics, but the real test of the quality of the shower is to see its water output effect. If the shower production technology is superb, the craftsman will be more meticulous. The pursuit is that each small hole should spray water evenly, and changing the water pressure through different water spraying methods makes people feel the different pleasures of showering. The water output of the shower is related to the water pressure. The higher the water pressure, the larger the water output. When choosing, you can hold the shower and observe its water output.

Multi-function hand shower, self-cleaning function, cleaning is more convenient, there are ordinary type, massage type, turbine type, strong beam type, more advanced rain type, hybrid type, rhythm type, etc. to choose from, making the shower more colorful.

It is the surface coating and the valve core that determine the service life.

High-quality coatings can withstand high temperatures of 150C for 1 hour, while inferior coatings cannot withstand long-term high temperatures. Bright and smooth, bright and smooth means that the coating is good, otherwise it means that the coating is not good and should not be purchased. Second, don't ignore the valve core, it will also affect the life of the shower. A high-quality shower, you can manually twist the switch to feel whether it is smooth and comfortable. If it is clogged or troublesome, the spool is of poor quality.

Using high-precision technology mirror polishing, spot-free welding, vacuum plating technology, multi-layer plating is tight and flat, and the mirror gloss is maintained for a long time. High-quality ceramic valve core, hard as diamond-like precision ceramic sealing technology, greatly prolongs the life and makes you more assured to use.

The self-cleaning effect of petals shows water holes.

It is very important to have a non-self-cleaning effect. High-quality showers generally have this function. The water outlet is exposed. On the one hand, it is easy to clean, and it can be kept clean by wiping it with your hand or with a cloth. On the other hand, the water outlet is outside, and the shower water is smoother.

Post time: Mar-11-2022