Assembly of the faucet

1. What is assembly.

Assembly is the process of connecting the processed faucet parts in a certain order and technology to become a complete faucet product and realize the function of product design.

2. The meaning of assembly.

A set of faucets often consists of several parts, which are assembled at the final stage required for product manufacturing, and product quality (from product design, component manufacturing to product assembly) is finally guaranteed and checked through assembly. Therefore, assembly is an important link in determining product quality. It is of great significance to ensure and further improve product quality to formulate reasonable assembly technology and adopt an assembly method that can effectively ensure assembly accuracy.


3. Brief description of the faucet assembly process.

First, each assembly tool and parts are equipped and the connection is started. These include detachable connections such as valve core and mesh mouth, and non-detachable connections such as joints and water inlet feet. Install the valve core (ceramic core), press the cover with a torque wrench, and press the ceramic core with a socket torque wrench. The water inlet foot and water level and the hex nut are locked with a 10mm hex wrench (the water inlet foot and water level are pre-installed with sealing o-rings). Tub faucets are installed with diverter switches. The next step is to test the water. First, clamp the faucet on the test bench according to the use state, open the water supply valves on the left and right sides respectively, open the valve body, clean the inner cavity of the faucet in advance, and then close the valve body to install the mesh mouth pad and the mesh mouth. , Gently tighten it with a wrench and other tools, and do not soak in water. The next step is to carry out a pressure test. Check that there is no leakage on each sealing surface. It is a qualified product. The test qualified product is installed on the assembly line. Pressure cap, handle, hot and cold water marks, and finally install accessories. Wipe down the box. During this period, quality inspections, operator self-inspections and finished product sampling inspections are carried out.

After the finished faucet product enters the warehouse, the finished product inspector conducts a sampling inspection. The inspection items include casting surface, thread surface, appearance quality, assembly, marking, valve body sealing test, faucet sealing performance test and other items, and strictly implement the sampling plan and judgment principle. The last level of good quality of faucet products.

Post time: Mar-07-2022